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Juliana, Sara and Sofía learned this week about what a Sequence is!

Hello everybody!

I hope you have had time to relax this weekend, after our first full week of classes -well, kinda full, since it was just a 4-day week!-. Step by step, the school is looking better every day and the kids are also adjusting to the routines that are expected from them in every class, from English and Math to IPC, Spanish, French and Social Studies. I can feel they are enjoying the school so far and we, as teachers, will do our best to keep it that way.

In English, your children have been learning about the importance of diversity in our societies; how we can benefit from it and how everyone must be treated equally. We read a story and they learned what a “sequence” is. We are going to read a lot this year, and I would appreciate it if you encouraged your children to READ, READ and READ in English as much as possible.


Camilo, Alejandra, Adela and Efraín practice teamwork and help each other. Superb!


David and Tuto checking their answers. Be consistent, kids!

In Math, they are learning how to read numbers of different values and what the value of each digit is (place value). This week, we will also practice the Roman Numerals, before having them take their first quiz on Friday. Don’t forget to ask them frequently about their progress! You can help them too by sharing this place value game with them (click on the link).

Did you know that dinosaurs became extinct 65 million years before any human walked on Earth?? Well, it is true! It’s a common misconception to think that they lived at the same time or that dinosaurs hunted and killed humans. In this week’s IPC, we will talk about this and other amazing facts as we study the prehistoric times.

I don’t want to finish this post without asking you to encourage your kids to be consistent with all the routines they have to follow at school, including homework, getting ready for class as quickly as possible (classes this year last only 45 minutes so this is of the utmost importance), etc.


Virginia and Marco, two new stars shining in La Sierra International School.

Well, this is all for now… Stay tuned for upcoming news! I look forward to seeing you all in our Open House next Thursday. And do not forget to subscribe to this blog if you haven’t done it yet (go to the left column and click on the “Follow Us / Síguenos” button). See you around!!