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Hi all,

As of today, there are no students in our class that are failing either Math, English or IPC. Yay!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ That’s excellent news! That means NOBODY has to stay today, or any other Wednesday, for extra help as long as they keep their average over 71.

Math: we’re back on multiplication! Most of the kids seem to be very comfortable with multiplication, but some seem to be still struggling a little . That’s why I want you to download these multiplication flashcards (click on the red link!) for them. The file consists of 12 sets of flashcards (one for every multiplication table). Please PRINT them, LAMINATE them and CUT them so that EACH student has the 12 sets with ALL the multiplication tables to practice at home (or anywhere else). We have already started unit 7, which will last until the end of next week, before we move to unit 8 (division). it is essential for them to know the tables before starting that unit.

IPC: congratulations to all students that completed great rainforests presentations last week! No students got less than 90, which is very good news. Thank you also for your patience and the help you provided your kids in the last weeks. We are about to start a new unit about the human body, where they will learn about the organs, bones and muscles we have. Keep up the involvement!!


English: I am a little concerned about homework completion here. While this is certainly not an issue in Math, it is in English, where homework grades are much lower. Please make sure your kid completes all English homework (and the daily reading log)! As you have probably noticed, we are now working hard to improve their reading and writing skills, and they will be getting these assignments every week. Help them review their mistakes whenever they get these worksheets back from me.

Finally, I wanted to congratulate again Camilo for his first communion. We all had fun celebrating this special day with him!! ๐Ÿ™‚


Stay tuned and contact me should you have any questions, as usual. Have a great day everyone :).


Welcome, 2014!

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Hi parents,

It’s been a week and a half since we resumed classes and the kids are alredy back to the usual school routines. After a well deserved break, I wanted to write a few lines so that you know what is happenning in Grade 4 these days.

As you know, the kids received an important assignment in the IPC class; a project consisting in a poster showing the similarities and differences between our culture and lifestyle and that of the indigenous people of the rainforests. They also have to prepare a power point presentation pointing out the differences between different tribes in the rainforests. In both cases, with enough pictures to make the project a visually attractive work. The deadline is January 30. I gave them already four different websites they can use to find information on the Internet, but they can also look for additional useful info elsewhere. Please be advised that your kids should meet no less than three to four times to research, decide what they want to include, how they want to put it and finally practice the presentation. Part of the grade will be based on the quality of the presentation they offer (they must show they are organized, they cannot read from the poster during the presentation, they have to know what they are saying and only use flashcards to make sure they don’t forget to mention anything important). That is why I gave them two weeks to complete it; please make sure they do not rush and quickly make a poster that will receive a low grade.

This week, we will start with the science part of the rainforest unit. Do not forget to ask your kid about it! ๐Ÿ™‚

In Math, we continue working on multiplication. This week they will see how to use rounding to estimate products and will also practice multiplying by two-digit numbers.

In English, they will be improving their vocabulary, reading and speaking skills. Several short films will be the starting point for group discussions that will help them develop a critical thinking, as well as make connections to other subjects.ย This week we will also work on synonyms and antonyms and review the different elements in a story: characters, setting and plot.

Outside the classroom but also an important part in your children’s education, the after school clubs start tomorrow, January 20, and will be running over the next months every Monday from 2:40 to 3:40. Please remember to send lunch to school before the end of the classes so that you kid can eat before joining the different activities.

Should you be interested in after school reinforcement, remember you can email me at any time.

Have a great week!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Hi all!!

Well, it finally happened. The end of the first term is here, and you will receive your children’s first report card next week. Things are slowly falling into place and I can see some real progress being made in the classroom. More than ever before, it is time for you to keep an eye on your kids, pay attention to their progress and show real interest in what is happening in school. If they feel you are involved, if they see your interest is genuine, they will be much more likely to share school stuff with you and you will enjoy seeing their growth first-hand.

Woooooahhh!! What was that? Was that a GHOST? Or maybe a tormented soul that lingers in our world after Halloween?? Don’t worry, it won’t hurt you, In fact, kids had a blast celebratiing Halloween, and it felt really great to do it in our new location. I am positive, too, that the 4th Grade classroom had the best decoration in the school!!! It was a joint effort and I was proud to see them all working as a team. Here are some of the pictures (I’m saving some for the yearbook!):


Putting up spooky spiderwebs on the windows!





IPC NEWS: As you already know, I decided to start the new IPC unit on Rainforests early. This unit will probably last until half way through the second term (mid January), and I hope the kids will learn a lot about rainforests, why they are so important and the challenges they face. I hope you found the information I sent to you useful; if you have not had time to go through it, please do it this weekend. It makes a real difference for your kid when you know what they are learning. We are now decorating the room to feature some of the many animals who live in the tropical rainforests, and today we watched a very interesting video from National Geographic. Please take some time to view it -or view it with them, as we didn’t have time to finish watching it-, learn some very interesting facts yourselves and share them with your children!!

On Friday, your kids will take a Math quiz on multiplication and an English test on some of the things they have learned so far. You can help them review the different types of sentences here, or play games to practice sequencing here or here.

This is all for now. Stay tuned and do not hesitate to contact me if you have any comments or concerns!