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La Casa de la Niña is a non-profit foundation that has been working in Valledupar since 1970; many of you may know them already. They host, protect and educate 60 girls that do not have moms and whose extremely poor resources make them vulnerable to a very hazardous life. Thanks to la casa de la Niña, this small group of girls have access to a better life and will acquire the tools and skills they need to enjoy a decent and hopefully prosperous life.

A group of students from La Sierra, who recently attended the GIN conference in Quito, will soon start tutoring these kids once a week. I feel it is a wonderful thing to see our students make such an important commitment! However, our help does not stop there. We are now collecting school supplies for these kids: pencils, notebooks, books, erasers, games, panties, stockings… and I wanted to let you know so that you can all chip in some materials for them. Your generous donations will make very little difference to your budget but a huge difference for them. I am sure all Grade 4 parents, as well as the rest of our school community, can contribute! 🙂

Thanks in advance for your time and consideration. Please send all materials donations with your kids and I will forward them.

Have a great weekend!!