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Christmas in the Rainforest!

Posted: December 4, 2013 in Christmas, IPC, Math, Rainforest

2012-12-12 18.33.09Hello everybody!

It is almost Christmas time in Grade 4’s tropical rainforest!! The snow has already started covering every tree… Hold on, that’s not possible. Can it snow in a rainforest like ours? I am sure you all know the answer: of course not! Actually, you can find out more about the weather in the rainforest by simply asking your kids. They have already learnt many things about them, and we will to continue to do so throughout the second grading period.

The following Prezi presentation is important for them and contains all the essential facts about world rainforests. We have already seen it, but please have your kids sit down in front of the computer, watch the presentation again and take notes in their Geography notebook. A complete set of notes is necessary to properly study for a quiz next week (they can skip the environmental organizations).

In Math, we recently finished an incredibly successful multiplication unit (I am quite sure you are as thrilled as I am with their performance) and we moved into unit 4 (division meanings and facts). They are doing superb so far, so please encourage them to continue working as hard as now and support them should they get a grade lower than usual.

As you know, there are only 10 days left (only 10, time flies!) to go on holidays. Grade 4 students are also doing their best to prepare a great Christmas show for you. A play, dances and songs that we all hope will be a wonderful way to start the holiday season and celebrate together.

I do not want to finish this  post without acknowledging the Outstanding Students that excelled during these last two weeks:

Most Improved Student: Juliana Olmos and Santiago Cuenca.

Best Behavior: Virginia Morón and Adela Maestre.

More Consistently Bright: Camilo Lacouture and Luis Fernando Correa.

Most Participative Student: Sara Orozco.

Good Job, kids!! And keep working to appear in the next list of Outstanding Students!!! 🙂