About Me

Nacho Meneses

Teacher, journalist, traveler, citizen from nowhere and everywhere. In a few words, this is me. I started my career at Valladolid University (Spain), where I finished my Master’s Degree in English in 1997. In these 15 years, I have lived in London (UK), Connecticut and Virginia (USA) -where I taught Spanish for four years-, Madrid (Spain) and now Valledupar. I also completed a Master’s Degree in Journalism at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid in 2010, and worked as a journalist for the Spanish daily EL PAÍS until March, 2012.

I have had the chance to develop the same sense of internationalism and respect for the environment and the different cultures in the world that La Sierra International School is striving to provide its students. Every country is different but, at the same time, we are brought closer than ever before, and we must make sure our kids are prepared to understand and respect this multiculturality, as well as the many sets of values at play, hoping they will manage to succeed whatever they grow up to be.


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