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Hi all,

As of today, there are no students in our class that are failing either Math, English or IPC. Yay!!! 😀 That’s excellent news! That means NOBODY has to stay today, or any other Wednesday, for extra help as long as they keep their average over 71.

Math: we’re back on multiplication! Most of the kids seem to be very comfortable with multiplication, but some seem to be still struggling a little . That’s why I want you to download these multiplication flashcards (click on the red link!) for them. The file consists of 12 sets of flashcards (one for every multiplication table). Please PRINT them, LAMINATE them and CUT them so that EACH student has the 12 sets with ALL the multiplication tables to practice at home (or anywhere else). We have already started unit 7, which will last until the end of next week, before we move to unit 8 (division). it is essential for them to know the tables before starting that unit.

IPC: congratulations to all students that completed great rainforests presentations last week! No students got less than 90, which is very good news. Thank you also for your patience and the help you provided your kids in the last weeks. We are about to start a new unit about the human body, where they will learn about the organs, bones and muscles we have. Keep up the involvement!!


English: I am a little concerned about homework completion here. While this is certainly not an issue in Math, it is in English, where homework grades are much lower. Please make sure your kid completes all English homework (and the daily reading log)! As you have probably noticed, we are now working hard to improve their reading and writing skills, and they will be getting these assignments every week. Help them review their mistakes whenever they get these worksheets back from me.

Finally, I wanted to congratulate again Camilo for his first communion. We all had fun celebrating this special day with him!! 🙂


Stay tuned and contact me should you have any questions, as usual. Have a great day everyone :).