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Hi everybody,

First of all, let me tell you how glad I am to be posting again. My sick leave and the school trip to Quito made it very difficult for me to keep you on the loop for all the things we do in the school. Hopefully, there will be no more distractions and we will strive to make the most of what is left of 2013!! 🙂

As you know, we are approaching the end of the first term. In order to compensate the time the students have missed due to my absence, I have made some changes to the regular schedule, the most important being the amount of time we are devoting to Mathematics. Since last Wednesday, I have doubled the Math lessons they receive during the week, and reduced the IPC hours. This will not be a permanent change, and we will go back to the regular schedule at the beginning of the second term.

In Math, we are now half way through Unit 2 (addition and subtraction), and we will start unit 3 (multiplication) on Tuesday, November 5. Over the next weeks they will practice and build their Math skills on multiplication (units 3 and 5) and division (unit 4). My goal is to finish unit 5 right before Christmas break.

In IPC, we will be starting a new unit in the second half of November. A few days before, I will e-mail you all the necessary information about this unit, what your kids will be learning and some suggestions about how to help your kid.

In English, we are also increasing the reading time. Starting on Monday, October 28 they are expected to read in English for at least 20 minutes daily. They will have an ebook to read every week, so please make sure your Internet connection works properly as these books will not always be available for download. They will also receive a READING LOG for you and them to keep track of how much they read every day, and for how long. Please remember to SIGN it every day as I will check all papers daily.

The following pictures show the work your kids did before the October break, when they made their presentations on animal families. This is part of the IPC curriculum. Have a great week!! 🙂

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