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When Dinosaurs ruled the Earth

Posted: September 13, 2013 in Uncategorized

Grade 4 got pretty excited with the velociraptors!!!


Quite a few things have happened since our last blog update! According to the latest reports, dinosaurs are still roaming free in our 4th Grade classroom, as powerful and dominant as they were up to 65 million years ago, when they ruled the Earth. In the picture above, you can see us after enjoying a wonderful movie experience with Jurassic Park 3D at Cinemark Guatapurí. They sure enjoyed the film!!

As part of the Geography goals in the IPC unit, kids also learnt some of the tools palaeonthologists have used throughout the years to find out many of the things we know today about dinosaurs, one of them being their footprints. In the pictures below, you can see them making footprints -luckily not from a real dinosaur, but from their own feet-:




In Math, we continue working with place value, although the progress has been delayed a little due to my unexpected absence, as it has also happened in English. However, we will soon be able to catch up, no worries!! 🙂

I also want to thank to all of you who contacted me these days to ask about my health. Staying sick at home instead of going to school is no blessing at all. I miss the kids so much!! Unfortunately, what started like a flu earlier in the week developed into a bronchoneumonia. I am to remain in Domiciliary Hospitalization (hospitalización domiciliaria) for the next five days, where I am already getting all necessary medical care. If everything goes as planned, I will (finally!) be back in school next Wednesday.

As you can imagine, my illness has been the main reason why I haven’t updated our blog lately. I will use these days to make some necessary improvements in this website so that both you and the kids can always refer to it when looking for online resources.

One last thing! Those of you interested in enrolling you kids in after school lessons, please let me know soon if you haven’t done it yet. Tutoring will start on my first day back, that is, Wednesday Sept 18.

See you soon!